A Division of Brazosport Plastics, Inc.

1000 South Velasco

Angleton, Texas 77515

email: joe@texashydrocut.com


Hydrocut is our division that specializes in waterjet cutting. We are located on Business 288 ( also known as Velasco ) about 40 miles south of Houston. We were the second company in the Houston area to entire the waterjet cutting business and have built a reputation of service, quality, and on-time delivery. When you call, you will actually talk to a live person and will get on-the-spot answers to your questions. Requests for quotations will normally be answered the day you call.

For those not familiar with the technology, waterjet cutting is a process that using high-pressure water (45,000 to 55,000psi) containing an abrasive, such as garnet, to cut metal, glass, stone, and other products. The high-pressure water is forced through a small diameter nozzle onto the part being cut. The abrasive in the water actually does the cutting. The abrasive is not required for soft materials, such as rubber, etc.

The cutting nozzle movement is computer controlled, much like a cnc milling operation. The material to be cut is placed on a table under the nozzle and the computer drives the nozzle to cut the desired shape within the table size limits.

Warejet offers several advantages over more conventional machining:

    No heat affected zone

    No work hardened edges

    Very complicated and intricate shapes can be cut

    Nearly any material can be cut

    Low scrap generation